Functional Skills Training

We’ve been receiving enquiries about training for Functional Skills recently. So I thought some advice may be timely. If you’re looking for Functional Skills training, one of the first places to start is with your awarding body. Most awarding bodies offer training events throughout the year. These events take place in a variety of locations up and down the country and are aimed to support you with the delivery of Functional Skills. If you haven’t chosen an awarding body, some awarding bodies will still allow you to attend. Most awarding bodies will charge for the training, but they do count towards CPD hours.

Links to some Functional Skills training events coming up this term

Edexcel have open events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Plymouth for all FS subjects and levels. You don’t have to be an Edexcel customer to attend.

Edexcel Functional Skills Training Events

WJEC have training for all levels of Functional Skills English and Maths at venues including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. Events are for WJEC centres only.

WJEC Entry Level Functional Skills English Training
WJEC Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills English Training

WJEC Entry Level Functional Skills Maths Training
WJEC Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills Maths Training

If your awarding body isn’t here, it is still worth contacting them to ask if they have any events planned to support your delivery of Functional Skills.

Specific training for practitioners delivering Functional Skills with apprenticeships

AELP have two events this Autumn – Monday 24th September in Leeds and Thursday 4th October in Birmingham. These half-day workshops will be led by experienced facilitators sharing best practice methods of delivering Functional Skills in Apprenticeship programmes and are aimed at practitioners from all sectors.

AELP Functional Skills in Apprenticeships Training

Training from Functional Skills consultants

Several private training providers offer training covering different aspects of Functional Skills. Services from private consultants vars widely in quality, content and price. Before you book any training we strongly recommend that you research your provider thoroughly and, if possible, get a personal recommendation. You could also ask the consultant to provide you with the name and contact details of a recent customer for you to contact as a reference. If they are confident about the quality of their training, any good consultant should be happy to give you this information.

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